Benish Group is a global investment company that invests in diverse companies in Israel and overseas. The group’s investment portfolio encompasses fields such as real estate, e-commerce, green energy, start-ups and more. Established by Meni Benish in 2007, the group is led by an experienced management team that is proficient in identifying investment opportunities and creating fruitful collaborations with global businesses. Benish Group companies benefit from strong and stable support that helps them establish a solid business foundation, penetrate new markets, plan smart strategies and maximize profit over time.

The Benish Group portfolio


Israeli National program of strengthening structures of buildings and ensuring that they meet earthquake resistance standards. there are 500k apartments in Israel in need of urgent strengthening.

5 projects completed
8 projects in progress

Archi Group

Established in 2006, Archi operates as a leading development company in Georgia. It represents a successful partnership of the Georgian and Israeli parties. Archi sells each year about 2,000 apartments Now, Archi has 26 completed and 20 ongoing projects in Tbilisi and one completed project in Batumi, including 8 hotel projects with aproximatly 1500 rooms in pipeline.



Ytong is the world’s largest manufacturer of aerated concrete blocks which are energy efficient. The factory is completed and will open within the next quarter, and employ more than 200 people. the capacity will be 160,000 cubic meters of energy-efficient building materials annually. The license agreement gives the exclusive rights to distribute Ytong products in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and the south regions of the Russian Federation


Emma's Credit

Emma’s credit is an innovative financial technology provider, the advanced risk management platform, allows online financial services with the most advanced online loan experience. With aim to solve difficulties of cash flow needs for individuals in a fast, easy and secure way. Company delivers online loans in Eastern Europe and is one of the leading lenders in Ukraine.


Traffix Safety

Vision based systems, comprised of smart cameras and algorithms, create a network of sensors that lives and breathes along with the modern city and its ever changing needs. Traffix Safety develop state-of-the-art optical systems, combined with image analysis in real time. The next generation of traffic law enforcement. Dealing with all kinds of traffic violations. Parking - One stop shop for payment and enforcement. Electro-Optic sensors for traffic monitoring can optimize traffic flow in realtime



Echolize is a comprehensive platform supplying a complete automated process, starting form campaign creation, creators activations and campaign results tracking. Tracking and LIVE results on all of campaigns, possibility to adjust KPI's accordingly. Get a full picture of campaign performance. Robust and detailed library of creators to connect to, presenting a full creator profile with all data integrated for each creator.


Webiz - development outsourcing based on a high level of professionalism, dedication, and commitment. Webiz has a partnership with Business and Technology University, influencing the education space in Georgia, working together to develop high-quality professionals and giving Webiz direct access to top of the line graduates. With the experience and well-established connections to “GITA” (Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency), the company is in constant growth and now hosts more than 100 developers in Tbilisi.


Interacting Technology

Innovative Social content monetization cross platform (Mobile & Web). Live social feed, scoring & relevancy engines, explore & discover social predictions content solutions to increase engagement, Live streaming & broadcasting capabilities using high end technology. E-commerce services, Entertainment and Gamification products. Big data analysis utilizing the economic within the communities, an advance CRM to analyze the community behavior.