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Benish Group provides to innovative start-ups in various fields, not only the financing, but we also offer a great deal of knowledge and vast experience, accumulated among us, industry connections around the world alongside smart financial backing.

In recent years, the group has invested knowledge, experience and resources in young companies that develop a wide range of products, from online financing and games to social networks and advanced video distance learning.

Mr. Benish is the Co – founder and shareholder of Georgia’s leading software house.



WEBIZ was established in 2019 alone, and already employs over 220 software developers, who provide software services to mainly Israeli high-tech companies, but also to Georgian and other international companies.

Webiz is a dynamic, creative and young company, managed by experienced professionals, that understands how to seek opportunities and conquer them. Webiz supplies a loyal, high-quality service for distinct clients with our same values.

The people of the world recognize the benefits of online learning and cohort-based courses. We built Clickto to help enrichment providers, training centers, museums, and nonprofit organizations become part of this remote revolution and go virtual successfully.

Together,  we can help people anywhere and everywhere learn, grow, and feel empowered – connecting and interacting without physical boundaries in a fashion that encourages interaction, accountability, and a lifelong impact.

The platform that allows you to enrich the world rofitably

Clickto is the Cohort-Based Learning platform for enrichment programs, training centers, and more. Build courses and connect with your learner community – no matter where in the world they may be.


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